Frequently asked questions.
Q: What is the Supply?
A: 1420
Q: When was mint?
A: We had a crazy mint with 2 phases due to technical difficulties caused by other parties, starting from Feb - Mar 2022.
Q: Mint price?
A: 0.625 SOL
Q: Where will secondary marketplace be?
A: Magic Eden & Opensea
Q: Are the guys on YT and Instagram the Creator/Devs/Team?
A: We are a Esports, Content Organisation who do Premium Custom Builds. We have around 25 team members currently, which include, Esports Teams, Content Creators, YouTubers, Photographers and Editors. We officially launched last year 1 Jan. Gigi is an extension of the org in order to help grow the Team and Business, we have brought on Hlanga Vena for NFT Marketing, Surudoi Ryu to create the VR Arena and Sam George to help create the cutest PFP on Solana.
Q: You're building a VR game based on Gigi NFTs? Or is a different project related??
A: Gigi is the foundation to a bigger project that being the Physical Arena, which we will be looking to build in the future, a phyical store for our E-commerce Gaming Store. The VR Arena which was developed by Surudoi Ryu is a replica of the Physical Arena. The VR Arena will be accessible to everyone but for special events we host, only Gigi holders will be able to access it.
Q: Do I need to have a VR Headset to join the VR Arena?
A: No, if you have a PC/ Laptop (Mac not supported) you can still join the VR Arena without a VR Headset, having a VR Headset will just make the experience that much better.
Q: What’s the inspiration behind the Gigi?
A: Gigi was originally a cute character Sam George created which he posted a video of on his Instagram. Dan Dedekind came across it and thought this was the cutest thing ever and decided it could be a great mascot for GigaHub. Working together, they decided on traits to give it and Gigi now looks like it does thanks to the work they put in. The name comes from the gaming term 'gg' (good game), we just added our own twist to it calling it 'Gigi'.