What is GigaHub NFT Project?

We are a recently established South African Lifestyle and Esports team who is creating an NFT collection to bring traditional gamers into the Solana NFT space, and are expanding as a business and organization through this business model. We hope to lead by example with setting the high standards, utilizing the space for the expansion of our own brand.
As a Premium Builds and Components Business for PCs, “The Arena”, which we'll have a replica VR version of, will be our Physical store and the home of GigaHub.

What does owning our NFT give you?

Well, if you holds a Gigi NFT, you are served with discounts on the online store. Not only that, once the completion of the Physical Arena is done, a place for work and gaming will be built in Johannesburg, South Africa. Members will get access to certain areas like an Indoor Half Pipe, Gaming Arena, Events Hall, VR rooms, Streaming rooms, and more. As a holder, you will get limited access these areas of the Physical store. The appeal for holders living outside of South Africa is that we will be flying several winners out to South Africa for the launch event, completely free of cost.
Gigi holders will also be able to take part in monthly Esports tournaments, which will be paid out in $SOL, in partnership with at EZ battles. With that, NFT holders will get discounts on tournaments off their site as well as one free entry a month.
We also plan to launch an E-commerce store which will focus on selling computer products and related accessories where Gigi owners can unlock special discounts, and the best part is that the store will be able to accept payments in crypto. Holders who stake their Gigi NFT, can also use their native token to purchase products off our store.
If you thought that was it, there's more.. If you are a holder of Gen 1, Gigi NFT, you have the opportunity to win 1 of 5 Custom PC Builds valued at an estimate price of 100 $SOL each (depending on exchange rate). Here is a pro-tip if you want to win! The more Gigis you have staked, the greater your chances of winning a prize. Winners will be airdrop a digital version of these prizes which they can then decide to claim or sell on secondary market for $SOL.Those who claim the item will receive the physical version.
We are passionate about what we are doing, building high end gaming computers, marketing, content creation, and gaming as a whole and our goal is to be a recognisable brand internationally, and we believe by expanding into web3 this will now be easily doable.