What makes our Metaverse different from others?

Our Metaverse will have a physical location, so people will be able to experience events, purchase products, get access to drops early and feel the power of gaming in the Metaverse. They’ll also have the opportunity to visit to the Arena and experience it physically, with the ultimate goal of global expansion.
Our Metaverse will be a VR experience like no other, products and NFT integration as well as easter eggs and monthly community competitions like beer pong and pool to a name a few.
All future partners will have a space in our VR Arena where they can advertise their NFT as a still image or include a YouTube link which will loop in the background for advertisment purposes.
Along with the VR Arena, comes an Avatar, the being Gigi. When loading into the VR Arena you will be able to use Gigi, you are also more then welcome to use your own avatar but we’d suggest using Gigi for the full experience.
For our partners, we’d like to offer to setup their avatars in VR so that members of their community can represent them when being in VR.
Members who hold more than 10 Gigis will go up on the ‘Wall of Fame’.
We will continue to update this space throughout its lifetime.