GigaHub's Roadmap for 2022.

Stage 1: Dec - January 2022

- Assemble team (Done)
- Start development on the NFT collection (Done)
Stage 2: January 2022
- [1 Jan 2022] Launch discord & twitter, announcing the collection to the world (Done)
- Grow twitter to 5K followers minimum (Done)
Stage 3: February 2022
- Announce mint price (Done)
- Phase 1 Mint (Done)
- VR version of the GigaHub Arena is Launched (Done)
Stage 4: February - March 2022
- Launch Token and Staking for Phase 1 Minters (Done)
- Begin production on Black Dragon PC (Done)
- Send out NFT that are linked to Black Dragon PC (Done)
- Phase 2 Mint (Done)
- Sell out collection (Done)
Stage 5: March 2022
- Send Black Dragon PC to the Winner (Done)
- Launch Evolution System for Gigi NFT (Done)

Stage 6: April 2022

- Reveal Gen2 $GHC Mint (Done)
- Build Hype for Gen2 Mint (Done)
Stage 6: May 2022
- Mint Gen2 with $GHC (Done)
- Reveal product website where people can purchase with crypto and use their Token from staking to buy products. (Done)
Stage 7: June-July 2022
- Develop a Discord Bot for the GigaDAO and other projects to use. (Done, but Discontinued)
Stage 8: July-August 2022
- Launch of the GigaHub E-commerce store. (There has been delays but we are looking to launch this Sept.)
Stage 9: September 2022
- Raffle off IRL Gaming Components/ Accessories. (Done)
- Add value to $GHC for holders to use on our E-commerce store.
Stage 9: Q3-4
- Launch LP for $GHC
Keep building!..