Tokenomics & Staking:

Gigis have several roles which earn you different amounts of our tokens daily, the highest being 5 tokens a day. We will also have an evolution system which will allow you to upgrade your Gigi to another role by evolving your Gigi with the token, earning you more tokens daily. Our goal is for you, as a holder, to stake your Gigi for a full year and in return you will be able to purchase the latest RTX graphics card from our store with our token for no extra charge. Who doesn’t want a free RTX, am I right?
We will not have an LP but we look to set our own value for $GHC which you'll spend on our E-commerce store for our monthly $GHC product catalogue and Raffles. We have a long term goal for our token and we are estimating the supply to last close to 20 years.

Rough Breakdown:

NFT Staking (70%): 198,000,000
Marketing + Partnerships (5%): 11,000,000
Team (5%): 11,000,000
Total Supply: 220,000,000

Full Breakdown: